Our very first online sale!

Last night around midnight, me and Billy finished watching a movie. For some reason, I felt compelled to check my email. I grabbed my macbook and quickly checked for new mail. There, in my inbox, was our very first online order! I was so excited. It was for two Always the Forest Aeronaut tees and one Weekend Bag (pictured). I told Billy right away, and he was super happy. For the past couple of months he would always bug me: "Hey, did you sell anything yet? Did you? Did you?" and finally I did! Then I called up Natalie, who was three hours of time distance away, but I had to tell her the good news even if it was 3am in Michigan. She was also excited, and not asleep, for she is a night owl! Billy said we better send it out right away, because whenever he orders anything online and gets it the next day, his head just about explodes with glee. So I made up a fancy invoice and emailed it to Natalie, and she went to the post office the very next day and sent the goods! So hopefully if all goes right with the postal service, the package should arrive tomorrow. And thus begins our good streak of excellent customer service, hooray!

Now I'm off to finish sewing some more fall/winter stuff.

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