On the Road

Yesterday, I began my journey from California to Michigan. My mom, Billy's dad, and step-mom are helping us move. We loaded up the u-haul with all twelve or so of my fabric bins, sewing table and the rest of our house stuff. My bins of fabric weigh 25-30 pounds each! Me and Billy are so lucky to have such super family. My mom and I are driving my car back, and Billy's dad and step-mom are driving the little u-haul truck. My mom has never seen the Grand Canyon, so we're stopping there, along with the Petrified Forest and hopefully the strange gas station with the attacking chickens! Then Billy is flying back to Michigan one more time before he leaves. Living in the middle of the desert was a great experience, but I'm glad to be going back to the homeland. Billy found me a great apartment above a store downtown, and it's going to be a great studio for Always the Forest. I'll be in one place for at least a year, so that means I can crank out a ton of stuff for Always the Forest.

Goals for now: make stuff for and super-turbo promote Always the Forest, find a bunch of piano students and start teaching lessons.

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