Pledge Handmade

"I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me."

That's the handmade pledge from www.buyhandmade.org. I took it yesterday, and as of today, more than 8000 people have taken it as well. The three reasons the site gives for buying hand made are: it makes for better gift giving, it's better for people, and it's better for the environment. For the complete list, click here.

I plan on making most everything I give away as gifts this year. I'm thinking of doing plastic bag holders for the kitchen this year. Natalie bought quite a few presents at the Handmade Detroit Holiday Market. My stepmom has been making gift baskets of handmade bath salts, bath bombs, and chocolate-covered spoons along with crocheting everyone mittens, scarves, or slippers! Making things may be more time consuming, but making things with your friends on craft night is far more rewarding than getting packed into the mall spending tons of money.


Always the Forest Around the World

I check the stats on our website all the time. My husband Billy does too. We think it's the coolest thing ever, but we're just kind of silly like that. One of the neatest stats is the world map that shows the people who visit our website. The US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Thailand, and more! The one visit from Kuwait is Billy.

All those visitors got me thinking. We get quite a few hits on our website, but not so many buys. Why? I think it's because of the very nature of what we sell. People want to see it in person, to touch it, try it on. Buying things over the internet is tricky because you're never sure that the picture is a totally accurate representation of the product. I strive to take pictures that accurately represent the product, but people won't always know that. I think sizing is another issue too. I definitely need to make some more sizes. Improvement is a very good thing.


New Studio for Always the Forest

This is our new location, right in downtown Romeo. It's the perfect place because it's not too far from the city and not too far from the beautiful countryside either. Great area for garage sales as well. There's an active venue for shows on one side of us and a tavern/club on the other side but somehow our apartment stays pretty quiet through all of that.

The apartment has a lot of character. It's painted olive green and mustard yellow, but not in a tacky way. It has a stamped tin ceiling in the dining room, and stairs to get to the bathroom, just like an old steam room. We also have our own laundry room! And tons and tons of storage for our craft/sewing supplies. You can get the complete tour here at my livejournal. It's going to get so productive around here!


Handmade Detroit Holiday Market

We're going to be at this year's Handmade Detroit Holiday Market! The Handmade Detroit Holiday Market is a two-day, juried DIY fair featuring 30+ vendors on Nov. 16 and 17th at Detroit’s Magic Stick.

This year’s fair features a VIP shopping night on Friday, Nov. 16, with music by Scarlet Oaks and SSM. This special night of shopping and entertainment is $5 to enter. Get first dibs on the best handmade items, arrive early to pick a special goodie pack and stay late to hear some great local music. 18 and up after 10 p.m. Seniors over 60 and kids 14 and under are free.

Saturday, Nov. 17, features a “traditional” DIY fair from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. All ages! Free to browse, though a one dollar suggested donation is gladly accepted to help Handmade Detroit continue to produce DIY events in and for our city.

It's going to be a really great show, so come check us out support the growing DIY community!


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