Always the Forest Around the World

I check the stats on our website all the time. My husband Billy does too. We think it's the coolest thing ever, but we're just kind of silly like that. One of the neatest stats is the world map that shows the people who visit our website. The US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Thailand, and more! The one visit from Kuwait is Billy.

All those visitors got me thinking. We get quite a few hits on our website, but not so many buys. Why? I think it's because of the very nature of what we sell. People want to see it in person, to touch it, try it on. Buying things over the internet is tricky because you're never sure that the picture is a totally accurate representation of the product. I strive to take pictures that accurately represent the product, but people won't always know that. I think sizing is another issue too. I definitely need to make some more sizes. Improvement is a very good thing.

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