Pledge Handmade

"I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me."

That's the handmade pledge from www.buyhandmade.org. I took it yesterday, and as of today, more than 8000 people have taken it as well. The three reasons the site gives for buying hand made are: it makes for better gift giving, it's better for people, and it's better for the environment. For the complete list, click here.

I plan on making most everything I give away as gifts this year. I'm thinking of doing plastic bag holders for the kitchen this year. Natalie bought quite a few presents at the Handmade Detroit Holiday Market. My stepmom has been making gift baskets of handmade bath salts, bath bombs, and chocolate-covered spoons along with crocheting everyone mittens, scarves, or slippers! Making things may be more time consuming, but making things with your friends on craft night is far more rewarding than getting packed into the mall spending tons of money.

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