Thing-a-day is almost over! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a collective blog where artists and creators of all types and backgrounds make one thing per day and share it online. It’s a pretty neat idea, and there are some pretty cool things floating around on that website. And the fact that it’s just plain fun to participate in. You have to sign up for it before February, so if you missed it this year, you have to wait for next February.

From Thing-a-Day.com:
“This project was started as a class thought by Ze Frank at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Fall 2005. Every day, the twenty something grad students of this class has to post something new. In February 2007, inspired by the Ze Frank effort, we created the thing-a-day platform and opened it up to the public.”

Some of the items I made, starting at the top left, are: stitch art, whole wheat bread, a needle case, a portable/flexible tripod, fabric flower pin, painted chia herb planters, blueberry-frosted cupcakes, and homemade veggie stew. To see the rest of it, my thing-a-day page is here.


Our Blog Has Moved!

9/7/09 ETA: I moved it back here again! Technical difficulties.

Intentionally, of course. I moved it over to www.alwaystheforest.com/blog. I won't be updating this one anymore. All the old posts, links, ect. have been transferred, and the blog has been spiffied up a bit. So keep your eye on it for more interesting awesomeness!


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