Goals for 2008

So we’re already well into March, but I figured it would still be a good idea to outline my goals for Always the Forest this year. I would say 2007 was a good first year. We did two shows, made some sales, started an online store, started a blog, and learned quite a bit along the way. So now that we have a better idea of what we’re doing, it’s time to improve!

1. Accept credit cards - Currently, our website goes through PayPal. So customers can use their credit cards to order, they just have to go through PayPal, and a lot of people don’t like to do that. By accepting credit cards, we would probably increase our online sales. Also, accepting credit cards at shows would almost certainly increase our sales.

2. Streamline our products - Right now, we sell a large variety of things from purses to skirts to leggings to paintings to vintage finds. By narrowing the selection, it would allow for faster production, because we wouldn’t have to design something new every time we made something. It would also allow for more clothing sizes because I could easily grade patterns of say, five designs, instead of doing twenty one-offs.

3. Do more shows! - First of all, craft shows are fun. I really enjoyed the ones we did last year. I like meeting the other vendors and shoppers. Second of all, we make a lot more sales in person. People like to see the item up close, feel the fabric, and ask questions. I would like to do at least four shows this year.

4. Update the site and blog more - Nobody likes to see a site/blog that hasn’t been updated in forever. It probably even feels a bit sketchy to them. Well, we’re definitely not sketchy, just bad at updating. And that needs to be fixed, pronto.

So I’m going to start off on the right foot and get right to grading the lovely dress pattern I recently made!

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