Renegade Craft Fair Chicago Recap

The Renegade Craft Fair was lots of fun, and well worth the trip out to Chicago despite all the rain and wind.  Chicago got the most rain ever in recorded history that weekend! My mom and sister came with me to help, and I am so grateful they did.  It went very well, even for my first outdoor show.  The canopy I got off craigslist held up extremely well, even against the torrential rain.  The only problem I had was lack of weights, and that was all my fault.  I only used one gallon of water per leg, and apparently you’re supposed to have 40lbs per leg!  Now, obviously it won’t be a problem if you’re out on a nice calm day, but on the second day, the wind picked up and the canopy almost took flight.  So for the rest of the day, my mom, my sister and I sat at opposite corners of the canopy to brace it against the wind and rain.  Yikes.  But that was really the only problem.  None of my merchandise got damaged by the rain, nothing blew away, and sales were good.  Well, my poor little rug that was meant to look warm and inviting looked soggy and sad by the middle of Saturday, but that’s a minor issue, haha.  I was amazed at how many people came out.  I had never seen such a large collection of umbrellas and rainboots before.  Thanks to everyone who braved the rain!  And at the end of the fair, there were people that came around and took our rented table and chairs for us.  That was awesome, because I realllllly didn’t want to take them all the way back.  So a big thanks to you, Renegade helpers!  I would definitely do another outdoor fair like Renegade again, the rain didn’t scare me away.


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