Craft Revival 2009 Recap

Handmade Detroit’s Craft Revival was great!  They gave me a big open space, I had a lot of room to spread out.  I even got two clothesracks in there!  It was a little dimly lit, and you can’t see it in the picture, but it gave this dramatic glow to my display.  I had people comment that it felt like a fortune teller’s booth or a seance, haha.  But that was okay.  One of the reasons I really like doing these shows, aside from the sales and the compliments, is talking with customers and other vendors.   I like getting direct feedback from the customers, and the vendors are usually really nice and it’s fun swapping stories.  My mom was my booth helper, and after the show, we went downstairs to eat at the Majestic Cafe.  I liked the contrast of the many memories of late night shows and shenanigans at the Magic Stick, and then eating downstairs with my mom.  The food was super terrific.  I hope they decide to do this show again next year, I really enjoyed it.

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