I'm on vacation!

Billy and I have been on vacation for the past two weeks.  He just got out of the army, so we're celebrating by moving his stuff back home to Michigan the long way.  I've been chronicling it over on my livejournal, but we've spent time in Spokane, Yellowstone, and Denver so far.  And all the places in between!  It's been a pretty awesome trip.  We're staying at his cousin's house in the mountains of  Evergreen, CO right now, and our next stop will be to visit some friends in Chicago.  I've been sloooowly updating the website whenever there's a lull in adventure, so some links are not working, and I still need to put the measurements up.  It'll be fully updated once I get home, which we're thinking will be sometime next week.  So thanks for your patience everyone!

p.s. go to Yellowstone National Park if you get the chance, it's like another planet!


Renegade Chicago 2009 Recap

The Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend was awesome!  This year, the weather was awesome, and the selection of vendors was even better.  There were a lot more handmade clothing vendors, and I was really excited about that.  Sunday evening, I got a chance to walk around and chat with some of them.  I talked with Marie from Les Enfants Sauvages about traveling to far away shows, visited the jo clothing booth to check out some cute underwear and chat about Brooklyn, dished about being Polish with Pierogi Picnic, and was totally inspired by how Lesley of Squasht by Les runs her business.  I'm so glad I had my mom as my booth helper so I could get a chance to walk around.

And we can't forget about the excellent loot I procured.  I traded a top for a cashmere sweater from Elsie Q, got this year's and last year's poster for the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago from Mat Daly, a little glass to hold my bobby pins from Mary Ink, and two cute balsa wood necklaces from Greenola.  We ate very well, with yummy breakfast and lunches from the Milk and Honey Cafe, and frozen kefir(!) from Starfruit.  The only bummer was that I got a parking ticket, but that was nobody's fault but my own.  I'm definitely really happy that I got a chance to do this fair again!


Canopy Weights!

With the Renegade Craft Fair coming up this weekend, I knew I needed some weights for my canopy.  Last year, I used gallons of water on each corner, and that wasn't enough.  My mom, sister and I had to anchor ourselves in the corners so the canopy wouldn't blow away!  Granted, that weekend we had extreme rainy and windy weather, but still, it's always good to be prepared.  So I looked online, and found a lot of expensive, ugly and cumbersome weights.  Then I happened upon this site, which detailed how to make sleek-looking 35-b weights for about $60. Basically, you just cap off one end of 2.5' of 4" PVC pipe, put an eye hook through that, and fill it with concrete.  Billy's helped me make these (and by helped, I mean did most of the work, mixing concrete is hard!). They seemed to work pretty well when I tested them out today, so hopefully it will be the same this weekend.  It's recommended that you use about 40lbs per leg to keep your canopy secure.  A gallon of water only weighs 8lbs!


Studio Tour!

I always love seeing other artist's spaces, so I thought I would do a quick tour of mine.  I live in an apartment above a gags 'n gifts store.  There's always something going on outside, between the bars and the music venue next door, so there's always something to spy on watch while I sew. This is the fourth sewing space I've had.  The first was a corner in the basement of my mom's house when I was in high school.  Then Billy and I moved to California, and my sewing space was half the living room.  Then we moved again in California, and I got a whole room for sewing.  This is my favorite space so far.

Lots and lots of natural light during the day.
My sewing machine station: general purpose sewing machine, coverstitch machine, and serger.  Billy refinished that really nice sewing table on the left; I built the really goofy table on the right out of a scrap piece of wood and some milk crates.
Turn to the right, and you'll see my sitting area. The clothing rack is for my alterations work.

Rack of finished items, dressform, storage.

Bookcase made of milkcrates!
And if you're wondering where my cutting table is, it's in my mom's basement!  So I use the kitchen floor for cutting and screen printing. The room behind the kitchen is the music room, and behind that is the bedroom and bathroom.


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