Canopy Weights!

With the Renegade Craft Fair coming up this weekend, I knew I needed some weights for my canopy.  Last year, I used gallons of water on each corner, and that wasn't enough.  My mom, sister and I had to anchor ourselves in the corners so the canopy wouldn't blow away!  Granted, that weekend we had extreme rainy and windy weather, but still, it's always good to be prepared.  So I looked online, and found a lot of expensive, ugly and cumbersome weights.  Then I happened upon this site, which detailed how to make sleek-looking 35-b weights for about $60. Basically, you just cap off one end of 2.5' of 4" PVC pipe, put an eye hook through that, and fill it with concrete.  Billy's helped me make these (and by helped, I mean did most of the work, mixing concrete is hard!). They seemed to work pretty well when I tested them out today, so hopefully it will be the same this weekend.  It's recommended that you use about 40lbs per leg to keep your canopy secure.  A gallon of water only weighs 8lbs!

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