I'm Back!

I was visiting my husband Billy in California (he’s stationed there for the military, but not for much longer now!).  It was a great time, and awesome to see him.  I also got to go fabric hunting in the L.A. Fashion District.  90 fabric stores in 4 blocks.  Yes, you heard right. Wowie.  But this past week, I’ve been preparing for two shows, and a fashion show!  Hence, the lack of site updates.

Movement 2009.  May 23-25  Detroit, MI. I’ll be joining Handmade Detroit there this weekend with some select items, in a huge 20×20 tent right by the entrance.  I changed my fabric up a bit for this event, expect lots of neon and black.

Maple Days Art Festival.  May 25, 9am-4pm  Walled Lake, MI.  I’ll have my own tent set up here, with a full stock of clothing.  This is also where my fashion show is going to be.  Come and check it out!

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