I'm on vacation!

Billy and I have been on vacation for the past two weeks.  He just got out of the army, so we're celebrating by moving his stuff back home to Michigan the long way.  I've been chronicling it over on my livejournal, but we've spent time in Spokane, Yellowstone, and Denver so far.  And all the places in between!  It's been a pretty awesome trip.  We're staying at his cousin's house in the mountains of  Evergreen, CO right now, and our next stop will be to visit some friends in Chicago.  I've been sloooowly updating the website whenever there's a lull in adventure, so some links are not working, and I still need to put the measurements up.  It'll be fully updated once I get home, which we're thinking will be sometime next week.  So thanks for your patience everyone!

p.s. go to Yellowstone National Park if you get the chance, it's like another planet!

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