AVFF (Awesome Vintage Fabric Find)

The other day, my friend's mom called to let me know about this awesome estate sale with a ton of fabric and crafting supplies.  Fabric finds at estate sales had been pretty sparse this year, so I dropped what I was doing and went to check it out.  I got to the house and was going through the yard looking at all the neat stuff (they also had a bunch of musical instruments!) but not seeing any fabric, when one of the homeowners came up to me and asked me how I was doing.  I asked about the fabric, and he said, "Ahhhh, now that's in the basement, and there's a ton of it!"  So I scrambled down to the basement to find a treasure trove of fabric and crafty goodness.  Yards and yards of awesome vintage fabric, all sorts.  Tons of craft stuff too!  Purse handles, ribbons, wooden forms, tiny birds, macrame, everything.  The woman's niece was in the basement, and she explained to me that her aunt used to teach crafting classes from her home, and that's why the basement was set up like a store.  So I picked out my fabric (all 70+ yards of it) and brought it back outside to pay for it.  It ended up costing only 83 cents! The whole family was eating lunch outside, and they were all so sweet and said, "Well since you're such a good customer, why don't you have lunch with us?"  Best estate sale ever!  So I sat and talked with them for a bit, and then one of the guys helped me take all my fabric to my car.  What a great find.

Here's some more of the fabric I got.  My favorite piece is probably the 13 yard bolt of Waverly Fabric in the "American Primitive" print.  Some pieces still had the original price tags on them, and it was really neat to see where they came from.  One tag read "Andrew Foltyn, Inc. 13144 West Seven Mile Detroit, MI".  I looked it up, and that store was started in the 60s, but doesn't seem to be around any longer.  Speaking of old fabric stores in Detroit, who remembers Zemco Textiles? It was on Washington Blvd. between Grand River and State St., and sadly, it's not there anymore.  Does anyone remember any other old fabric stores in Detroit?


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