Renegade Holiday Sale Chicago '09 Recap

The Renegade Holiday Sale in Chicago was awesome last week.  The Pulaski Park Fieldhouse was packed both days. I got to catch up with some people I hadn't seen since the last show, and I met a lot of great new people too.  I also scored some awesome stuff!  I got a show poster from Mat Daly, a bar of face soap (a staple of mine) from Biggs & Featherbelle, squalane oil from Rinse, the Handmade Nation DVD from the craftster.org table, and an awesome jacket from Elsie Q.  Oh yeah, the food vendors downstairs were excellent as well.  Treat restaurant for dinner, and Tipsycake cupcakes (red velvet and lemon raspberry) for dessert.  So good!
We had a pretty good time enjoying Chicago in the off hours of the fair as well.  We stayed with our friends Mike and Justin, who have a cute little apartment in Bucktown.  Their downstairs neighbor was really nice and we played lots of Rock Band (I kicked butt on the drums). Friday night, we got to Chicago really late. Everyone went out to the Flat Iron except for me.  Not a huge fan of bars, big fan of sleep.  Oh come on, it was 3am!  So I was semi-rested forRenegade the next day.  It was a great craft fair day, and when it was all done, we went to eat at the Earwax Cafe. The food there is so good, every time we come to visit Chicago, we eat there at least once.
The other night at the Flat Iron, somebody told Justin about an "art party" in a loft in West Loop.  So we decided to check that out, for kicks and giggles.  I still don't get why it was called an art party.  We got to go on the roof of the building, which had a pretty neat view.   And people don't close their curtains! It was like watching little movies through people's windows.  So excellent craft fair, excellent adventures, but I was so excited to pull into my nearly deserted parking lot in downtown Romeo and relax in the small town calm.

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