What a week! We moved out of our cute downtown apartment, up the street a few blocks to this awesome house on almost an acre of land.  Billy has a huge, two-story barn to work in, and I have the entire upstairs for my sewing room.  I really like how we're so close to the city, but it feels like we're in the country.

Our friends and family are the greatest.  They helped us out so much, from cleaning, to moving a piano down a flight of stairs.  And all my fabric and sewing machines!  The rest of this week will be spent unpacking boxes and organizing the house.  I don't even know where to start with my sewing studio, I have so much more room now.  If anyone has any pictures or links to blog posts about cute/practical studio spaces, please share them in the comments!


Quilting for Funzies

I really, really enjoy sewing.  But when it's both your hobby and you workday, it can get a little tiresome.  The reason why I like quilting so much is because it's very different than the design and production sewing I do for my clothing line.  For my line, I'm usually doing six things at once, and learning a seventh and an eighth at the same time.  There's a lot there that can go wrong!  But that's what I love about this job.  There's not much repetition.  I'll bounce from pattern drafting to serging seams, to ironing, to resizing photos on the laptop, to going on a supply run...all within the course of a day.  This is something that I thrive on.  I have to plan and decide what I do next, there's no instruction sheet for me to follow.  Butttttt....I have times where I just want some structure, some repetitive task to sort of zone out to while creating something pretty.  That's where (simple) quilting comes in*.  I'm making a strip quilt right now with my sister.  She's doing the same design, different colors.  The only time I need to make a decision is in the very beginning when I'm picking out the fabrics and colors.  After that, it's cut out a bunch of the same sized strips.  Sew together a bunch of the same sized strips.  Cut a bunch of the assembled strips in three.  Sew them back together.  It's sooo relaxing. I can abandon the quilt for a month and pick up right back where I started. 

 The next quilt I want to make is the Cathedral Window Quilt.  It will be a really neat way to showcase scraps from other projects as the "stained glass" windows.  Since it involves origami-like folding, there's no need for backing or quilting.  The tutorial for this quilt is here: http://hyena-in-petticoats.blogspot.com/2007/08/cathedral-window-quilt-tutorial.html and photo credit goes to http://www.flickr.com/people/paperstringcloth/.

Another quilt I want to make is the adorable Little Forest Quilt.  I really like the asymmetrical placement of the trees on the quilt.  Tutorial here: http://www.purlbee.com/little-forest-quilt/.

I also like making these silly little yo-yo things.  You can make many different things out of them, or just use them as decorations on clothing and bags.  I like the idea of making a blanket out of them.  I've also seen some really cool necklaces made of four or five yo-yos of varying sizes.  Here's a good tutorial on how to make them: http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/photos/how_to_make_a_yoyo/hbyoyotutorial1.html

And if sewing just isn't doing it for me, I'll go play the piano!


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