While I was on Vacation....

Billy and I took a trip up to Torch Lake with a bunch of our friends last week.  It was nice to get away for a little bit, but I was worried I might get behind on my sewing.  My mom called me up during my trip and tells me she found a ton of remnants in really great fall colors, and should she pick some up for me?  I was pretty excited about that, since I was running low on fabrics that would be good for this season.  She calls me again a few days later and said, "I designed a dress, and Grandma made a pattern for it."  My mom is a pretty stylish lady, so I didn't doubt it would be a great dress.  When I got home, she showed me the dress, and I was totally floored! It's a mock wrap dress, with a cascading ruffle down the side of the skirt.  It's so pretty!  And my grandma presented me with a bundle of homemade pattern pieces, plus another dress pattern that they made! 
All I have to do now is double-check the pattern and grade it.  And sew a ton of dresses!  I am super excited about the fabric too, my mom picked up a lot of really unique, beautiful pieces.  The Renegade Craft Fair is in two weeks, and the DIY Street Fair is the weekend after that.  I can do this!

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