Pretty Packaging

I love getting packages in the mail.  It's even better when they're in super cute boxes.  But what I love even more than that is putting packages in the mail.   There's a path at the back of my house that goes through the woods and ends up right by the post office, and it's like a little adventure every time I go there. I've been working on perfecting the packaging I send my Always the Forest clothing out in.  The boxes I use are 100% post-consumer waste, and recyclable. And they're made in Illinois! I can't use these boxes when shipping internationally (booo!) but I still decorate the bags I use for those orders.

I package the clothing item in these awesome newsprint bags.  I bought a huge bulk package of them a few years ago, and that place has since gone out of business.  I'll be so sad when I run out! I got that awesome Always the Forest stamp custom-made by http://www.etsy.com/shop/AsspocketProductions, and the other stamps are also from Etsy.

Invoice, business card, and a little note from me.

 And done!  I need to figure out some sort of water-proofing solution, just in case a package gets left out in the rain.  I'm thinking a small plastic bag for the garment itself, I just need to find a good supplier.

Maybe it seems like a lot of effort to stamp and sticker the bags and boxes, but it really doesn't take that long, and I think it's important for the package to be as nice as the clothing inside.  Plus, stamping things is fun for me anyways!

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