Renegade Chicago/DIY Street Fair 2010 Recap

Billy watching my booth at Renegade Chicago, during one of the rare times it was (almost) empty.
 What a busy September!  I had two great back-to-back weekend shows, The Chicago Renegade Craft Fair, and the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale.  Both fairs were awesome, there were a ton of people in attendance, and the vendor selection was top-notch.  I was honored to be included amongst so many awesome artists.

Renegade was awesome as usual, and my booth was right across the street from Starfruit! I had frozen kefir evvveryday and it was amazing. This was the first big show Billy has helped me out with, and he was pretty impressed with it too.  He also realized how tiring they are!  My mom came to visit, but only for fun and shopping, no working vacation for her this time.  I saw a lot of old friends, and made some new ones.  One of my new favorites is Laura Fauna. And oh man, did I buy a ton of handmade goodness.  But I'll save that for another post. I also indulged myself in one of the temporary tattoos from the Renegade booth.  This year's design was so good, I couldn't resist plastering it on my forearm!

Billy was such a great helper!  Parking my car, carrying heavy stuff, watching my booth while I went walking around, and even rigging up this contraption to carry my set-up back to the car.

The DIY Street Fair in Ferndale was also a great show.  This was my first year doing it, and I thought it was run very professionally, and they sure brought a lot of people in!  One of the great things about this show is that they provide you with a tent.  Another great thing about this show is all the great bands they had lined up to play.  I didn't have any helpers for this weekend, and I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to walk around and check out what everyone else was doing.  This was the first show that I successfully built a changing room, and it was a big hit.  I'll definitely be including a changing room in all my future displays.
I loved the twinkie car at DIY!

I love doing shows, but it's true that there can be too much of a good thing! I'm glad to have a bit of a break from the city, and work on shenanigans, bonfires, and painting our house. But give me a month, and I'll be super-stoked about the next craft fair, no doubt!

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