Style Friday: My Favorite Wrap Skirt

So I've been doing good with the whole not-buying-anything-new part of my goal this year...I only bought one pair of pajamas from target.  Anything else has been made by me, or another local, independent designer.

In the summer, I basically rotate through the same few clothing items.  If I'm going to be working, getting dirty, or exploring, I wear cutoffs and a t-shirt.  If I'm teaching, I'll wear a skirt and a plain shirt.

But! The more fancy clothing I make for myself, the more I get to dress up!  Which is kinda fun.  I made this skirt a while ago, and I wear it so often.  It's the first Hattie wrap skirt that I made.  It's super comfortable, but looks really fancy.  I was working in it today, that's why it's wrinkled. 

My next project is going to be making some plain tops for myself.  I bought the ones in the picture last year, or maybe two years ago, probably from Target.  They're getting a little worn out, and I'd like to make some that are a little better in quality.

Close-up of my shoes, they matched the fall leaves.  I can't wait for tights and sweater season! But that's probably because I'm an old lady at heart.

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