Style Friday: Necklace Edition

I never really had any interest in wearing jewelery until this year.  I think it's because I've started wearing more than just jeans and t-shirts...fancy!  And what better place to pick up some great jewelery pieces than an indie craft fair!  Here's what I scored:

From Maker Faire Detroit: This treated copper necklace is by Courtney Fischer.  I really like the colors, it reminds me of an oil spill, in a good way.

From the Detroit Urban Craft Fair: This birch bark necklace by Bettula was a custom piece.  After wanting one of her necklaces for over a year, I finally asked her if she could make one for me in that shape.  That's another reason why working with an independent designer is so great.

From Maker Faire Detroit. This crocheted necklace from Muggy Tuesday used to be a pair of earrings. They made it into a necklace for me right at the show!

 From the Shadow Art Fair:  This is the first piece of jewelery I bought at a craft fair, and it's still my favorite necklace.  It's a set from Glass Action, the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan made from recycled stained glass. Sometimes I wear the upper peninsula alone, and people think it's a bat.

From the Renegade Craft Fair:  Adjustable balsa wood necklace from Greenola. I also bought this in red.

If you noticed the unfinished dress on my mannequin, it's what I'm wearing to Design Define Detroit tomorrow.  If you're interested in seeing a discussion panel on sustaining Detroit's fashion industry, you should definitely check out this event.

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