New Year's Eve Dress Reconstruction

Every year, for the past four years, Billy and I have hosted a formal New Year's Eve party. As part of my goal for 2010, I couldn't go out and buy a dress, I had to make one myself. There wasn't enough time for me to make one from scratch, so I decided to reconstruct a vintage dress I had in my attic.

The dress came from a garage sale of one of my friends in town. She had gotten the dress from our high school's theater department, they were throwing it out. I could definitely tell it was from the theater department, it looked like it had many last-minute alterations done it it. Before I could start making design changes to it, I had to fix a few of those hastily done alterations. The straps had been folded and tacked up with heavy-duty thread, and there were a few snaps that didn't seem to have a purpose. The skirt needed a ton of ironing too! The dress fit me almost perfectly, I just had to take in the waist a little. Then I lowered the neckline, added some gathered black tulle, and made a black satin belt. A pretty easy reconstruction that I thought turned out pretty well!
This ended up being one of only three articles of clothing that I made for myself this year.  I did great with the not buying any new clothing part of my goal, but I didn't do too well with the sewing part. I'll just have to try again next year!

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