Goals for 2011

My goals for 2011 are quite a bit different than my goals for 2010.  I took note of what worked for me last year, and what I need to change. My goals last year were:

1. Update the blog more - In 2009, I made 1.5 posts a month (haha). In 2010, I made about 3 posts a month. I was aiming to post twice a week, but I realized that blogging isn't something I should be spending a lot of time on. I'll definitely continue with at least three posts a month, but I'm a designer (and a piano teacher!), not a blogger, so I don't feel the need to post multiple times a week.

2.  Have cohesive S/S and F/W 2010 collections - I did a Spring collection with a lot of new designs, but I didn't have a final collection for Winter, just some random designs that I was experimenting with. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with that format again this year, because I would like to carry some pieces from year to year.  I don't design super trendy items, I try to make clothing that a person can wear for years. Creating two whole new collections every year is the type of wasteful fast fashion I'm trying to avoid contributing to.

3. Contact newspapers/bloggers/etc. - Nope, didn't happen. I kept saying, well it's not good enough, I'll wait for fall, or wait for next year, ect.

4. Set a proper pricing formula - Still working on this.

Overall, 2010 was a great year, if only for me realizing that I was pursuing the wrong things and figuring out what I need to focus on in 2011. Which is:

1. Pricing! - The idea of creating an inexpensive clothing line that is produced with ethically sound materials and practices is nice in theory, but I don't think I can sustain my line with the way I have my pricing set now. If some poorly-made knockoff from the mall that is destined for the landfill six months from purchase has a higher price than one of my designs that is made from ethically-sourced fabric, sewn in good conditions, and will last a long time both style-wise and construction-wise-- then my pricing is not fair.

2. Get my line in more stores - I focused on doing a lot of craft shows last year, they were super fun and I gained invaluable product feedback. Not to mention the comradery with other crafters, and being part of the community there.  As much as I want to do all the shows this year, I decided it would be best for me to do only a few shows this year. (The Craft Revival application was just up last week, and it was so hard to resist applying!) Craft shows have been a great way to start out, but I think it's time for me to focus on getting my line in more stores. But I will definitely be shopping at all the indie craft shows still, and participating in other crafty social events, so I won't miss that feeling of community.

3. Focus on getting more online sales - I hardly update my website.  That's so bad! Terrible! I would like to post new things a least weekly.

4. Balance doing all that with my teaching job. I just got a job teaching piano at a studio, so I got a bunch of new students in addition to the ones I already had. I love teaching piano, and will continue to take on new students throughout the year, so it will be a lot of work, but worth every minute.

I can't imagine what my future self in 2012 will be thinking, looking back and 2011 with all the new knowledge that I gained throughout the year. It's exciting!


Snow Day!

Lemon pudding cake from Cauldrons and Crockpots

Lately, I've been super busy with my other job, teaching music.  I just got a job teaching piano at a studio, so in addition to the students I have already, I have a bunch of awesome new kids. And on top of that, I've been doing piano accompaniments for our district Solo & Ensemble, so I have quite a few rehearsals every day, and then the events on Saturdays.

Yesterday we had a snow day, and I was super excited to shuffle around the house and do whatever. Billy also had a snow day, so it was fun hanging out with him when he wasn't out plowing snow from driveways.  I made a lemon pudding cake that was really good. And we have a new puppy, so we hung out with him and watched River Monsters on Netflix.

Our puppy Emmett; we got him from the shelter last weekend.

I want to get my Spring 2011 designs up on the website by February 15th, and I definitely think I can make that happen. My music stuff will slow down a bit after this weekend since all my accompanying jobs will be over. I have a huge collection of vintage woven material, and I kept that in mind when designing for this collection.  Prior to this, my designs were only knit materials, so I'm changing it up a bit. I'll post pictures here as soon as I'm done!


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