Social Crafting

My main craft is making clothing. It's not a very portable craft. In order to do it easily and efficiently, I generally need at least two different sewing machines, a large cutting table, an iron/steamer, plus a lot of small equipment. Needless to say, I don't take my sewing with me to many social crafting events away from home.  The project I bring along is this cross-stitch pattern I've been working on for two years. It came from a set of French patterns, there is a scene for each season. I figure I'll have the entire set done in ten years, if I only work on it at crafty get-togethers and road trips. Speaking of crafty get-togethers, I went to Handmade Detroit's Social Circle last week and had a lot of fun. I worked on my cross-stitch, and made cute labels for my homemade cleaners. This month, it was held at i3 Detroit, which is a member-supported, volunteer-run, art and technology cooperative with shared work space, tools, classes and workshops. These crafting events are held at a different location each month, if you want to know when the next ones are, the best way to do it is here.


Last week was totally a week of social crafting; I went out with my friend Sam to get some fabric from the Fabric Warehouse and Haberman's. Some great fabric and super-soft elastic was picked up, and delicious coffee too. I finished my last piano accompaniment event of the season last weekend, so that means I have time to get sewing now! Hopefully I'll get new stuff for spring up on the website mid-April.


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