Handmade Fridays: Cleaners!

I decided to change "Style Fridays" into "Handmade Fridays" so I would actually have something to regularly share.  I kind of rotate the same dozen outfits week after week, and haven't made myself anything new in a while. I'm too busy making clothing for everyone else! (Which is no problem, I enjoy having a tiny wardrobe.)

For this first installment of Handmade Fridays, I'm sharing my arsenal of homemade, natural cleaners. Most of these are ridiculously easy to make.  And waayyy cheaper. Almost all of them are some variation of vinegar, baking soda, water, and essential oils.

-All-purpose cleaner = 1 part vinegar + 1 part water + 10 drops of any anti-fungal/viral/bacterial essential oil (lemon, tea tree, lavender).
-Fabric softener = gallon of vinegar + 20 drops of any essential oil.
-Glass cleaner = 1 part water + 1 part vinegar (though I realized I can use the all-purpose cleaner to do the same job).
-Air freshener/"Febreeze" = 8 oz water + 7 drops of any essential oil.
-Hardwood floor cleaner = Bucket of warm water + big splash of vinegar + 3 drops lemon essential oil.
-Spraying vinegar and then hydrogen perioxide on a surface will disinfect most surfaces.
-Dish soap = castile soap + anti-fungal /viral/bacterial essential oil (lemon, tea tree, lavender)
-The recipe for the shower spray/mold and mildew preventer is from The Naturally Clean Home, which is a handy little book with a bunch of natural cleaner recipes to use everywhere around the home.
-The recipe for the automatic dishwasher detergent can be found here, and it's easier to make than a pot of macaroni and cheese. All you do is combine the ingredients together and heat it up.

I found the awesome label outlines here, at the Just Something I Made blog, and I customized them to match what I was making, using the Diehl Deco font. Then I printed them and taped them on the old (thoroughly washed) cleaner bottles with clear packing tape.

So it was an easy project, and although it was a little time-consuming in the beginning to figure out the recipes and ingredients I could replace my traditional cleaners with, I enjoyed doing it. And making more of each cleaner is super easy and very fast. Plus, not breathing in mystery chemicals and not paying a premium for advertising and fancy packaging is a big bonus. 

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