Handmade Fridays: Hair Powder

Readymade Magazine posted a recipe for hair powder that uses horsetail powder, kaolin clay, and arrowroot powder. If you don't know what hair powder is, it's a powder mix that you sprinkle on your hair to keep it looking fresh in between washes. I also like the texture it gives my hair. The problem with a lot of store-bought powders is that they contain talc, synthetic fragrances and colorings; none of which I would want to be inhaling on a weekly basis. They're also pretty pricey, I can buy all the ingredients to make many batches for the price of one store-bought bottle. 

Horsetail powder is rich in silica, which promotes healthy hair growth, kaolin clay is absorbent, and arrowroot powder is a safe alternative to talc. Essential oils add safe fragrance, and depending on which one you use, could have medicinal properties as well. All the ingredients are from mountainroseherbs.com, they're a good, reputable company to buy from. I put the mix in an old spice jar, made a snazzy label with some stamps, and it's good to go! If you want to make your own, the recipe is here.

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