Handmade Fridays: Awesome Chair

I bought this chair last summer in Ann Arbor at Blue House's craft show. I was a vendor there, and my booth was directly across from the booth of the artist who made it, so I got to stare at it all weekend. Whitney Crutchfield is the designer, and she makes all sorts of amazing textiles. She had mostly raw textiles for sale, but also a few things made with them, such as pillows and some reupholstered furniture. I loved the shape, and of course the fabric, so I ended up taking it home with me. It looks perfect in out music room, and really stands out against the teal walls. Whitney's website is here and she also writes for the Blue House blog; this post in particular has a bunch of her awesome prints.

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  1. You had us all crazy jealous when you bought that chair!

    I love Whitney's textiles. I bought some of one of her lovely aqua prints, but I have yet to use it. You know, sometimes, how you find a fabric that is almost too special to cut? I need to find the perfect thing to make with it. :)



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