Handmade Friday: Skirt from Vintage Linens

I wrote a guest post last week over at the Reware Vintage blog. You can check it out here, it's a tutorial for how to make a skirt out of vintage tablecloths, sheets, curtains, etc. I also photographed some of my best vintage linens, and wrote about where the best places are to find them. And while you're over there, check out the Reware Vintage store. Bethany, the owner, scours Michigan estate sales and a bunch of other secret places to find awesome vintage items, and sells them for really reasonable prices.

And a public service announcement for all you laptop owners: back up your hard drives! Regularly! I had an external hard drive all set up and backed it up regularly for years, but recently I lost track...then my hard drive crashed and I lost six months worth of pictures and music and work. So if anyone has some good tricks for restoring data (I already tried running it in an external enclosure), let me know!


Summer clothes!

I'm really excited about the new designs I'm introducing this summer. I'm glad I finally get to use my collection of vintage woven fabric. The website will be getting updated gradually next week, and then you'll be able to purchase the new designs when I put them in the store. And as always, the fabric is either vintage or reclaimed from remnants, and most of the supplies and notions used to produce these pieces are purchased from local supply stores.

I'm also going to continue making the designs that people really seem to like, timeless classics that stay up front in your closet for years. Those are the best kinds of clothes anyways!

This is a fitted racerback tank top. The edges are bound with matching knit binding, but the really neat park of this top is the back.

The back has an inlay of vintage fabric!

And of course, I'm still making the wrap skirts with the bow, in lots of new fabric.

And my first dress made entirely of wovens! It has a comfy elastic waist and the fabric is awesome! Can you tell I'm really excited about getting to use my vintage wovens?

I kept one of these for myself.

Knit wrap dress.

I'm bringing back the Willow tops, and the wrap skirt again.

There will also be silk screened half-slips added to the shop, those are awesome for wearing under any skirts, especially if you're wearing tights or leggings underneath. And I would like to get some sort of short-sleeved cardigan that has a vintage fabric inlay in the back, but I haven't got one worked out yet that I like. I'll be adding these to the store as I get more sewn up, and select pieces are available at Goods in Detroit.


Handmade Fridays: S/S 11 Preview

Here's a sneak peak at one of the new dresses for this season. I've been doing knit dresses for the past few years; this is my first woven dress for the line and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've accumulated all this great vintage fabric and most of it is wovens, so a lot of the clothing I make this year will showcase all that lovely vintage fabric. The fabric I used for the sample isn't vintage, it's from my own stash and I don't remember where I got it from.  But I seriously want three of these dresses for myself to wear all summer.

The dress has an elasticized waist, and I found the softest elastic ever. You know how some elastic is just really crunchy and hard? I definitely didn't want that. The back has a keyhole closure and and snap to keep it shut.

I just have to grade this pattern into the other sizes, and it will be ready to go up for sale. I'm thinking that I'll release the different designs as I finish each pattern, instead of waiting for them all to be done. I'm behind as it is, so we'll see how this goes!


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