Renegade Craft Fair Chicago '11 Recap

Ok, I'm just going to say it: if you missed the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this year, you should be really bummed!  RCF has always been top-notch, but this year was exceptionally great. I couldn't make the rounds all in one day because there were so many booths that I wanted to stop and take a look at. I ended up getting: a tank top from Make it Good, two RCF event posters by Mat Daly, neon arrow/feather earrings and lotus necklace from Scarlett Garnet, a sea urchin spine necklace and a silk rope necklace from my awesome boothmate, Yellowgrey.

This year, vendors has the option to be paired up with another vendor and share a booth. I decided to do that this year, and the Renegade organizers did a great job matching me up with Yellowgrey. The colors and aesthetic of our items went together really well, and we had a lot of similar display elements. Plus, Kristina was an awesome girl! This was her first show, and I was really impressed with how prepared she was.

Billy had the idea of bringing a wagon with us so we could haul our stuff to the car quickly, without having to wait for a super close parking space. He is seriously the best helper. I had framed some fabric in embroidery hoops to use as booth decorations, but forgot to add loops of fishing line to hang them up with, so I had Billy tie them on while I was setting up. A lady stopped by while he was working on them and told him how great it was to see a guy doing embroidery. Then he started telling people that he was the one who sewed all the clothing!

Besides all the crafters/artists, my favorite part is the food. Frozen kefir from Starfruit, breakfast/lunch/coffee from the Milk & Honey Cafe,  sesame kale macro bowl from Native Foods, and iced horchata from BigBite Catering. So good!

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