Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2011 Recap

I only did two shows this year, and I was lucky enough to be able to participate in my two favorite craft fairs. One of those is the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. This year, it was in a new space, Detroit's Masonic Temple. The space was big and open, us vendors had plenty of room to stretch out.  And the Masonic has a ton of character too! When Billy first got up to the room, he looked at the floor and asked, "Do people roller blade in here?" The Drill room happens to be where the Detroit Derby Girls practice. There was a ton of amazing architectural detail throughout the building, but I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of that.

There were a ton of shoppers, I heard we had over 3,500! I noticed that there were a lot of people from out of state, either just as visitors, or as recent transplants to Detroit. A family I met had just moved here from Portland, and the mother brought her two daughters to DUCF to show them that Detroit has cool stuff like Portland does. I would say she definitely brought them to the right place! A girl from Toronto came up to me and said that her and her friends took the trip to Detroit that weekend and used my guide to the city to plan their visit. I was so happy about that!

I turned my booth space into a mini-boutique, I loved all the space I had. There were a lot of creative displays this year. All the vendors got a free Square credit card reader in their vendor bags, so I set up an account with them to give it a try, and it is so much easier than using the old knucklebusters!

And finally, all the stuff I got! Official DUCF poster, Hell Yeah Michigan t-shirt from Alisa Bobzien, lip balm from Aromaholic, birch bark cardinal ornament by Bettula, and cast iron pan handle protectors from Tourist Park.

I had an awesome time seeing all my returning customers, meeting new friends, and catching up with my crafty friends. I can't wait for next year!


The Small Craft: pop-up craft shop and skillshare

Last month, I went to the first-ever Small Craft pop-up shop. Started by Amy of My Marigold, Small Craft is donations-based craft store. That means it's filled with a bunch of awesome vintage supplies, but also some really nice things (like super fancy yarn and silk noli) too. Until they secure a retail space, they're doing a once a month pop-up at the Trumbullplex Theater. Along with setting up shop, there is a skillshare hosted every month. Last month, it was learning how to knit. I stopped by to participate in the skillshare, and I bought some vintage library book return pouches.

This month, the skillshare is sewing draft-blockers made from ties, to go under drafty doors. There will be cupcakes, coffee and tea. The pop-up shop runs 12-6pm, you can rsvp and get all of the details here.

The thing I really like about this is the variety of supplies they have. You can go to a big chain craft store, but the stuff there is always the same. At The Small Craft, I can get vintage stickers, sewing patterns, library return pouches and other bits of ephemera. And there are the mainstays too: fabric, yarn, etc.

The cozy knitting skillshare last month. We were serenaded by a string duo!

Photo by Anne of the Handmade Gift Guide

This is me trying very hard not to mess up my knitting....and failing! Melissa was a very patient teacher though. My knitting project is now sitting neglected, I think I'll stick to sewing.

The website is http://thesmallcraft.com/, I definitely recommend checking out this little shop for some awesome/random/vintage craft supplies!


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