Holiday Break

I'm not the best gift-giver in the world, aside from my very close family and friends, everyone else that gets a gift from me gets the same thing: delicious homemade treats. Actually, maybe that does make me the best gift giver! This year, I made candied orange popcorn and elderberry syrup. I got the idea for gourmet popcorn from Luxirare, and the elderberry syrup recipe was from Mountain Rose Herbs. The popcorn was really easy, just coat it with a mixture of brown sugar, water, orange zest and roll in poppy seeds. I followed the elderberry syrup recipe exactly, except I used sugar instead of honey so it would last longer. For the labels, I used the mitten and branch graphics from Julia Rothman's gift tags (free download at Design Sponge), and added my own text. Designing the packaging is almost more fun than making the food itself. I ended up making about 25 of the elderberry syrup/candied popcorn gift sets, and I felt like Santa packing up the five(!) bags of gifts for the five(!) family events that we went to on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Then we hosted our fifth annual formal New Year's Eve party. I made my dress from a Burda Style pattern. I used their Strapless Gathered LBD pattern #117, and it was super easy to sew up. It's for two-way stretch fabrics, and that saved me from a big sewing mistake I made: the pattern doesn't include seam allowances and I forgot to add them in! Thankfully, it ended up not being a problem since the fabric was so stretchy.

I also wore a vintage cardigan, and neon bow and arrow earrings from Scarlett Garnet as a necklace. I wore black shoes earlier in the night, but changed to these Polish slippers from my grandma's house. Billy wore his thrift store suit and an arrow tie from Cyberoptix Tie Lab. It was purely coincidental that we both wore arrow things around our necks, I didn't even notice until just now!

Now I'm all refreshed and excited to get back to teaching and sewing. I'll be participating in a fashion event in a few weeks that I'll write about soon, and I have a ton of new items that I need to get photographed and put up on the website. And I need to do that before I upgrade my computer from Tiger (haha, I know, I'm terrible) in case the upgrade goes wrong and I have to spend a lot of time putting everything back on my computer. Wish me luck!

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  1. The popcorn was so YUMMY!!! I'll be trying the Elderberry syrup soon. Thanks Steph :-)



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