Fashion in Detroit 2012

I hurried down to Fashion in Detroit after teaching last Saturday, I didn't want to miss the 2:00 show. It was Emily Thornhill's line, Homeslice. She uses all organic, American-sourced fabrics, and the entire line is produced in Detroit. There were some hand-printed fabrics that I really liked, and my favorite piece had to be the white cape with a black bow on the shoulder.

We stayed for the next show, Martini Retro. It was a vintage collection from the 1970s that was discovered in a warehouse in Detroit. I thought it was pretty neat to see a little bit of Detroit history, and it's something you don't see at a typical fashion show.

New this year to Fashion in Detroit was the Market. Many of the designers that showed on the runway had mini boutiques set up where you could see their designs up close and in person, and purchase them right there. I really liked being able to see the designs up close.

What we wore: My mom usually goes for some combo of black and white, and always looks classic. I wore a gorgeous dress by Detroit designer Kelly Lynne, but decided last-minute to wear a sweater over it because it was chilly. You know, function over fashion. I'll have to post a picture of me that shows the whole dress, because it's pretty awesome!

Fashion in Detroit was awesome this year, and next year I would like to see even more local talent showcased; it's really inspiring!


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