1870s upstairs "studio" bathroom redo

 It's been two years since we moved into this 1870s house, and I finally finished a room! The upstairs "studio" bathroom is now my little sanctuary. There wasn't too much major work involved in getting it completed; the most complicated change was installing a fan above the shower, which involved cutting holes in the ceiling and getting into the attic and roof.  Other than that, it was just a new coat of paint, new light fixture, mirror, and little decorations. But it made a huge difference!

The view right when you walk in the door. Window to the left, shower to the right. There was a pretty cool existing sink, so we kept that. I got the antique scale from a house a few blocks down, and it still works. The porcelain chamber pot is a housewarming gift from my dad (we have a strange sense of humor) and it currently houses a plant.

I made the curtains from vintage fabric I got at a garage sale. The tiny little glass vase on the floor next to the chamber pot is from City Bird in Detroit.

Framed botanical print, air plant from City Bird, laboratory flask found in the basement of the house when we moved in, flowers from the yard.

The table was a thrift store find, the little moss-containing bell jar is from The Urban Merchant in Romeo, little vial of tea tree oil, and homemade deodorant.

 Michigan-print shower curtain made by me, bathmat crocheted by Billy's stepmom, my little bathroom apothecary cabinet, and more framed botanical prints.

 Baking soda, calendula petal and lavender bath tea.

Detroit Creamery Company bottle from a garage sale, flowers from the yard.

In Always the Forest news, my line is being carried in a new store in downtown Detroit, and I have a show coming up, which I will post about in a few minutes. Stay tuned!

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  1. What a serene space. You did such a lovely job!



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